Training & demonstrations

An introduction to our services

PPL has adapted its courses and is now offering WebEx remote training session on how to quote, negotiate, bind and place endorsements on the platform.

We offer a variety of WebEx training methods to support you. All training is tailored to your role (i.e. a professional trainer, broker or underwriter).

Use the links below to register online – you will be sent a confirmation email with all the details.

User training options

WebEx user courses are tailored to both brokers and underwriters and are designed to enable you to use the system competently, support your colleagues, or to train others. You will learn how to quote, negotiate, bind and endorse business digitally using the PPL electronic placing platform. The training sessions will be as interactive as possible with delegates being given typical ‘real-life’ scenarios for them to undertake within the Quote, Firm Order and Endorsement phases.
Broker (User)

The intended audience for this course are broker and broking assistant users of the platform.

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Underwriter (User)

The intended audience for this course are underwriter and underwriting assistant users of the platform.

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Broker administrator - Placing Facilities

The intended audience for this course are people within broking firms who will be performing an administrator role and back-loading master facilities on the PPL platform.

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Train the trainer

This course is designed for professional trainers in the London Market. The course covers the Broker and Underwriter processes during the placement of a risk within the PPL platform so that trainers have a rounded knowledge of how the system works and have the knowledge and skills to conduct and facilitate their own internal training sessions.

Course outline

Please contact PPL Enquiries to inquire about the next course date.

Online training – Learning Management System (LMS)

We provide an online learning portal, the Learning Management System (LMS) to all registered users of the platform.

The LMS provides the following benefits:

For learners:

  • Learners have the flexibility to undertake the training at their own desks.
  • The training is always available so learners can undertake the training when it suits them and refresh their knowledge at any time.
  • The training modules are tailored for the learner based on their role.
  • Visual indicators instantly show the learner the progress of their own learning.

For administrators in organisations:

  • Organisations can measure the online learning that their internal teams have undertaken.
  • Organisations can monitor progress of their internal teams and track passed/failed results of the consolidation tests to confirm their level of understanding.
  • Reports at an organisation level can be created on the LMS and exported to Excel or PDF output.

Learning Management System can be accessed by clicking here. If you do not have access, please contact the nominated PPL point of contact at your firm.


Learning Management System (LMS) – Minimum training requirements

Based on market feedback, we recommend a minimum amount of training to use the key areas of the platform. This is not the time required to go through all the training available, but the minimum required.

  • Brokers: 60 minutes
  • Underwriters: 45 minutes.

The links below take you to the key learning units we recommend to cover Day 1 use of the platform.

Video training

The full process for the full benefits

API webinars

APIs are coming!
Business Capability Overview
Technical Capability Overview
Demonstration 1 –
API Developer Portal
Demonstration 2 – Postman scripts demo
Demonstration 3 – API demo
Roll Out & Market Adoption

Quote to firm order webinars

Part 1: Demonstration
Part 2: Tracking Extract

Platform demonstrations

These are high level one hour sessions where a PPL Relationship Manager will show you the end-to-end process of placing an open market risk via PPL in your offices (min. 10 users). These sessions are available to brokers and underwriters and are aimed at new users or those who need a recap on the Platform and its benefits.  Please note that a Platform Demonstration should not replace the classroom training but is there to provide an overview of the platform.

Please contact your PPL Relationship Manager or PPL Enquiries ( to organise an In-house demonstration

Arrange a conversation with one of our Relationship Managers