From Monday 6th March until Friday 31st March, all firms can prepare for their cut-over; complete user training and sign the Next Gen MUA, ready to commence trading with confidence. Dates that broker firms intend to start in earnest can be found here: Broker-Cutover-Plans-next-gen-V6.pdf (

During the next four weeks, selected early-adopter brokers and corresponding underwriters will access the platform to place several “pathfinder” placements, to exercise the platform end-to-end and iron out any wrinkles. Carriers who are not part of this pathfinder group should not expect to receive any placements before April 3rd.

Access to the Platform will be granted once the MUA is signed and will be in accordance with your individual firm’s instruction. All firms must stipulate how they would like access to be granted. If you did not complete the Market Readiness Questionnaire, please email

Outside of the pathfinder group, User log-ons will be issued in time for volume trading from Monday 3 April.

All firms – How do your users complete their training?

Everything related to PPL Next Gen training is managed through the LMS (learning management system). Everyone has several Options:

  • Physically attend the classroom
  • Virtual classroom
  • LMS on-line modules & videos
  • Some firms have also elected to run their own in-house training.

Access to the Next Gen LMS is only available via this link:

Broker firms only – How do you get ready?

Some broking firms may wish to pre-load their archive risks & renewals ready for cut over. There are three upload scenarios/approaches that Broking firms may wish to take:

  • No pre-loading of risks – Create placements on a risk-by-risk basis directly on Next Gen from when you start using the platform post April 3rd.
  • Transfer live and active archived placements into Next Gen in advance of your cutover, uploading all documents and entering carriers/markets so that they are available for immediate processing.
  • Transfer live and active archived placements into Next Gen in advance of your cutover but leave them in the archive area for promotion on a risk-by-risk basis as and when they need to be endorsed.

If you plan to load archive risks and/or bulk upload risks for renewals, PPL have provided a tool to support this activity. Please reference the detailed step-by-step guide (this includes a link to the tool) to help you through the process: PPL-Next-Gen-Archived-Placements.pdf (

Each broker firm will need to identify the users that will be carrying out the activity and advise PPL so that we can activate the accounts.

Signing the MUA

If you have any questions that are preventing your firm from signing the MUA, please contact

If you have any further questions on this communication, please do not hesitate to contact your PPL Relationship Manager.