PPL (Placing Platform Limited) is pleased to announce that it has successfully deployed its latest release which focuses on cutover priorities to assist the market with transitioning off the old platform.

This release contains 18 changes across the following functional areas of the platform: –

  • Endorsements
  • Facilities
  • Firm order response

In addition to our scheduled changes, PPL have continued to fix defects which were raised by market users. These users will receive confirmation that their defect has been resolved via an email from the PPL Business Service Desk (

PPL has 2 further releases planned in 2023. In addition, PPL will be working with a small number of brokers in Q4 to test our pilot API delivery.

The development of our API capability will set the foundations for PPL to support the market’s ambition of becoming better, faster and cheaper through digital transaction processing.  Our plans include adding CDR support to enable connection with the Blueprint 2 digital gateway in time for its initial rollout in 2024.

Key Updates – Brokers


  • A broker can upload their declarations to the Archive where they can select their facility markets. It should be noted that a Master Facility needs to have been created, promoted from the archive if applicable, and published.
  • Added the option to amend a master facility, e.g. contract name, contract document, expiry date, add/remove markets. This can be for corrections or changes to either facility contracts uploaded via the archive tool or processed through PPL Next Gen.
  • Where an amendment to a master facility has been completed, a full audit trail is created and preserved.
  • The validation preventing a user from entering a total proposed line greater than 100% for a facility panel has been removed. This means a declaration can be over-subscribed and later signed down.



  • Ability to add an endorsement effective start / end date past the contract expiration date. This means an endorsement to a contract can be marked as effective outside the original period of cover.

Key Updates – Carriers

Firm Order Response

  • When responding to a firm order, an underwriter can revert all entered changes back to the original proposed values. This means that where multiple changes have been entered, they can be removed in one click rather than individually which could be time-consuming.

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If you have any questions or queries about this release, or if you would like to find out more about PPL Next Gen, please contact or your dedicated PPL Relationship Manager.

Download pdf version: Release 2.1.0 – 18 August 2023