How do I join?

Please introduce yourself

1. Please introduce yourself

In order for your company to sign up to and understand the costs, please email us at and we will arrange an initial conversation.

Sign your contract

2. Sign your contract

Contracts must be signed in order to have access to the Platform. PPL will send through your Market User Agreement (MUA) to sign and return.

Complete your Onboarding Form

3. Complete your onboarding form

The onboarding form is the mechanism by which your company and its users will be set up on the PPL Platform.

If you are a broker, please click here to download your onboarding form.

If you are a carrier, please click here to download your onboarding form.

Organise your Training

4. Organise your training

PPL offers a range of training options to suit you and your company, from virtual classroom style to digital self-learning, supported with user guides and materials. All training offered is tailored to your role whether you work for a broker, a carrier or if you are a professional trainer. Please click here for more information.

Start Using PPL

5. Start using PPL

PPL has over 21,000 users and we will publish your new teams on our monthly market communication. PPL can connect you to the relevant contacts in your partner companies that you do business with.

Arrange a conversation with one of our Relationship Managers