11th June 2018 – The board of PPL Ltd announced that the Aviation classes of business went live on the platform today.

Bronek Masojada, Chairman of the PPL Board said: “With only reinsurance and verticalised placements left to go, this latest release means that underwriters and brokers are able to quote and bind risks across most of the markets. This is key to our goal to drive adoption from current levels to 30% of London risks by the end of 2018.

“The data in recent weeks show an uptick in activity, with the last day of May seeing more users logged on than ever before. We hope that the considerable activity between market practitioners across different classes of business to help them agree the processes around using the platform will build on this trend. However, there needs to be a greater focus on using the platform from the first submission so that our clients can benefit from a fully digitised market.”

PPL is a core component of the London Market Target Operating Model.


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