New functionality has been added to the platform that will now enable Users to initiate their own Risk Corrections without the need to involve the PPL Support Desk.

The platform will now show a ‘Corrections’ actions list once a Firm Order has been accepted by a market.  The options provided are to:-

Cancel Individual Lines;
Cancel Placement;
Cancel & Replace a Placement (simultaneously).

The main benefits of having this functionality ‘on-platform’ are that the contractual parties can amend contractual terms, risk structures and supporting documents:-

  • without having to involve the PPL Support Desk;
  • within a time frame that users are able to control and suits them;
  • with automatic un-bound line withdrawal functionality;
  • with a fully logged audit history and;
  • all within a legal framework tied to on-screen wordings and the Market User Agreement (MUA).

For more information, please see overview here: PPL Corrections Functionality Overview