The latest release from Placing Platform Limited (PPL) delivers changes requested by users, enabling them to edit and endorse risks at a more granular detail, delivering greater flexibility and control.

Susan Jacobek, Managing Director of PPL said: “All our platform improvements start with requests from people in the market – it is the users that tell us what they need and brokers and underwriters on our committees help us to prioritise what gets done and when. Each release is by the market, for the market.

“This latest release focuses on delivering the ability to edit and endorse documents with much greater flexibility and control, dealing with sections of the contract individually. This is a step towards being able to place verticalised contracts on the platform. We have also made a number of improvements to make the screen more user friendly.”

Edit sectionsThe ability to edit sections enhances the usability of Firm Order Sections. Once a section has been created, the section reference, description and attachments can be easily amended as long as the section is not already in progress. However, once in progress, if the markets are all subsequently withdrawn or rejected the section can be amended and the section history is retained.
If the section is in draft and no markets have been notified the section can be removed from the risk.
This new functionality enhances Firm Orders. Draft Backloaded Facility Sections can be removed, and both Edit Section and Remove Section action links apply only to draft sections on Backloaded Facilities.
Endorsing sectioned placements Currently a user can only endorse one Firm Order section at a time, meaning they have to manually add additional markets and their Underwriter Contract references even though the platform has already captured this information. The PPL platform has been enhanced to allow new Endorsements to be created which cover multiple Firm Order Sections in draft, bound or completed. A Placement selection screen allows the user to select the required Sections to be endorsed. This aggregates the carriers and their references.
Additional locations within the PPL platform have be provided to the user so they can easily base a new Endorsement over a riskless Endorsement, a non-sectioned Risk, a single Section Risk, multiple Section Risk or an existing Endorsement.
Actions dropdown menuThe Actions dropdown has been improved on the Placement Overview screen.
Previously, the Actions panel was static and took up valuable screen space. Now, when the user hovers their mouse over the Actions dropdown label, the full actions panel options is displayed. This change has been implemented to Quote, Firm Order and Endorsement.
Overview and navigation enhancements for sectioned placements1) Removed the gap between Sections to improve visibility in the Placement Overview screen.
2) Section document is also available to view by clicking the Section Document icon on the section header.
3) The Prepare for Firm Order screen has been amended to group the Sections and add a navigation feature in the bottom of the screen to enable uses to navigate to any sections in the screen.
4) Changes related to sectioned Risks and sectioned Quotes.

For more information please contact: Caroline Wagstaff, Luther Pendragon  |  Tel: 020 7618 9158