London Market starts placing terrorism risks electronically today.

Placing business in the 21st century

The LMG, LMA, IUA, LIIBA and Lloyd’s are delighted to announce that PPL, the London Market’s electronic platform, is live.

We have a fleet of volunteer ‘floorwalkers’ from across the London Market who will be in the Underwriting Room at Lloyd’s to offer assistance to brokers and underwriters using the platform to place live risks.

Other support includes:

  • Daily conference calls will be held with the Market Project Manager Group
  • PPL walk-in surgeries will be held once a week beside the Coffee Shop at Lloyd’s
  • The GO-LIVE support teams will be situated on the LITA desk in front of the escalators in the Room

The team members will be identified wearing their PPL T-shirts so please feel free to come along and find out more!

For PPL information please visit: