PPL (Placing Platform Limited) is pleased to announce that it has successfully deployed its latest release 1.5.0. This our fifth release since Next Gen launched in March 2023.

This is a defect only release, containing 39 fixes. Eight of the defect fixes provided in this release were raised by market users. These users will receive confirmation that their ticket has been resolved via an email from the PPL Business Service Desk (support@pplnextgen.com).

PPL will follow release 1.5.0 with a major release in August, which will introduce the ability to quote and underwriter team email notifications.

Key Updates

The following are the key updates that will have a positive impact on users.

  • Broker users can now see line condition in full. This was previously truncating the line condition, so the user was unable to see the full text.
  • Firm Order Bound emails triggered for Followers. When a Broker creates a Mixed Market placement, when the Leader accepts, a Firm Order Bound notification is now sent to all Followers with a ‘follower notified’ role.
  • Broker’s ability to create a new version of the contract after withdrawal. When carriers have not been bound, broker user has the ability to withdraw the firm order request, then unlock and amend the contract. Once amended, the broker can resend a new version to the underwriter(s).
  • Off Platform UW references. The platform has been updated to ensure that an Off Platform UW response requires an underwriter reference entered in order to save and to ensure a complete dataset for onward processing of the placement.

Contact us

If you have any questions or queries about this release, or if you would like to find out more about PPL Next Gen, please contact pplenquiries@placingplatformlimited.com or your dedicated PPL Relationship Manager.

Download pdf version: Release 1.5.0 – 10 July 2023