Facilities and improved functionality targeted to go live on PPL in mid September

We are pleased to say that we are now targeting mid September as a go live date for the next release of PPL. This will deliver better functionality and usability with improved workflow and performance. It will also introduce onto the platform Facilities and phase 1 of carrier integration.  This will allow firms to send information from PPL to the London Market TOM’s Structured Data Capture. Those who have seen demonstrations of the new release have been very positive about the improvements it will deliver to users.

However, the team recognises the delay has been difficult for the market in making preparations for go live and is very grateful for everyone’s patience. We will be working closing with the project management community to ensure that training is refreshed and everyone feels well equipped for the new release.

Guaranteeing the quality that the market expects and needs is of primary importance to everyone at PPL. Once Ebix provides the final platform, the team will undertake extensive testing to ensure that it meets our stringent quality requirements and works as the market would expect.