15 working days to go…

Brokers cutover plans

Broker plans are now published on the PPL & LIIBA websites and will be updated every Wednesday.

Download broker plans here

Attention to all Broker firms that intend to use the Archive & Bulk upload functions

Here is the summary of what you need to do:

  1. Identify which of your users you want to perform the upload, whether new or existing.
  2. Determine whether you set up a new team or allocate permissions to users in existing teams.
  3. Your chosen set-up needs to be communicated to PPL to ensure this is actioned in a timely manner.
  4. Ensure these users have been trained on uploading to next gen using the archive/bulk functions.

The process is explained in more detail within the guides:

PPL Archive Placement Tool: Download here
PPL Bulk Upload Tool: Download here

Market User Agreement

The MUA “pre-view” has been sent out to the majority of PPL customers over the past few days; any remaining MUAs will be sent out early next week. We are currently working through the returned emails for those contacts no longer at the firms.

W/c: 6th February the MUA will be sent out for digital signatures via DocuSign


The new PPL LMS (E-learning platform) is available now!

Any questions on training, please contact: training@pplnextgen.com

Has your IT Dept configured your Single Sign-On (SSO) for Next Gen?

SSO is compulsory to use Next Gen. Download the guidance here

PPL has a 5-day SLA for SSO set-up and/or a technical discussion. The 5-day period starts from receipt of your completed SSO template

PPL Market Forum

For all PPL Points of Contact commences on Monday @ 2.15pm.

We will cover the top frequently asked questions of the week.

All invites have been sent, if you haven’t received one, please let us know on PPLenquiries@placingplatformlimited.com

Weekly market demonstrations

Been running for 3 weeks now, fantastic attendance & engagement from the market!

Regular opportunities for you and your colleagues to see the platform. Drop-in, lunch ‘n’ learn sessions. All virtual and last for approx. 45 minutes.

Every Tuesday/LIIBA: https://calendly.com/pplprogramme/ppl-nextgen-demo-liiba
Every Wednesday/LMA: https://calendly.com/pplprogramme/ppl-nextgen-demo-lma
Every Thursday/IUA: https://calendly.com/pplprogramme/ppl-nextgen-demo-iua

Your PPL Relationship Managers are always on-hand to support you in addition to the increased frequency of communications.

If you have any questions, want to be added to any distribution groups, or anything else – just ask us!

Please drop an email to: PPLenquiries@placingplatformlimited.com

Download PDF version here