PPL (Placing Platform Limited) is pleased to announce that it has successfully deployed its latest release which focuses on functional enhancements to continually improve the user experience.

This release contains 25 changes across the following functional areas of the platform: –

Data ManagementDocumentsFirm Order Response
Platform NavigationEndorsements
Firm Order Submission

We have produced a user guide to support the release of 2.2.0, which is available in the LMS.

In addition to our scheduled changes, PPL have included 38 defect fixes, that were raised by market users. These users will receive confirmation that their defect has been resolved via an email from the PPL Business Service Desk (support@pplnextgen.com).

There will be two further releases this year; 17th November, which will be focused on defect fixes, and another planned for 1st December that will contain further improvements. In addition, PPL will be working with a small number of brokers in Q4 to test our pilot API delivery, connecting brokers own systems to PPL Next Gen.

The development of our API capability will set the foundations for PPL to support the market’s ambition of becoming better, faster, and cheaper through digital transaction processing.  Our plans include adding CDR support to enable connection with the Blueprint 2 digital gateway in time for its initial rollout in 2024.

If you have any questions or queries about this release, or if you would like to find out more about PPL Next Gen, please contact pplenquiries@placingplatformlimited.com.

Download pdf version: Release 2.2.0 – 3 November 2023