PPL (Placing Platform Limited) is pleased to announce that it has successfully deployed its latest release which focuses on functional enhancements to continually improve the user experience.

This release contains 10 changes across the following functional areas of the platform: –

Management Information (MI)DocumentsFirm Order Response
Firm Order Submission
Platform Navigation

We have produced a user guide to support the release of 2.3.0, which is available in the Learning Management System. The LMS is accessible in two clicks from the main menu in the platform.  Click here to log in to Next Gen.

In addition to our scheduled changes, PPL have included a number of performance improvements; in particular around the ‘assign roles’ and ‘withdrawal of firm order request’ functions, and defect fixes, which were raised by market users. These users will receive confirmation that their defect has been resolved via an email from the PPL Business Service Desk (support@pplnextgen.com).

The first planned release of 2024 will be in February. A full roadmap for H1 2024 will be published once it has been agreed with the PPL User & Operations sub-committee.

Download pdf version Release 2.3.0 – DECEMBER 2023