Online placement is the future of digitalising the London Market, supporting face to face negotiations and removing paper from the process.

The LM TOM is looking to build awareness of PPL, a market solution built by the market for the market for online placement.

It is essential that we get the view of those that use, or will use, PPL to ensure the messages shared represent the reality of the benefits and challenges around moving to a digital approach to enhance our service to customers.

With the support of LMA, IUA and LIIBA we have engaged Circle to conduct both face to face and high level online research. Circle Research are an independent market research agency who have worked with leading companies such as DHL, Microsoft, and Vodafone to conduct a series of interviews

The results will be used to help steer a campaign aimed at awareness and adoption of PPL that will run through 2018 and early 2019.

Circle will be reaching out to a number of brokers and carriers, through the relevant Associations, with a request to participate. If contacted by Circle please take the opportunity to share your views and help shape the future. If you would like to share your view, please contact James Milne at LMA, Scott Farley at IUA, or Jackie Hobbs at LIIBA as appropriate, or Circle directly.

The in depth interviews would take around 45-60 minutes, either by phone or in person as you prefer. The online research would take around five minutes.