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The London Market reimagined for a digital future

A successful business needs strong foundations.

Today’s London insurance market is built on hundreds of years of expertise and trading relationships, but the future demands change.

PPL Next Gen is the new electronic trading platform for the London insurance market. It’s not simply a replacement for the existing PPL platform. It’s the London market rebuilt and reimagined for a digital first environment, more intuitive, more flexible, more scalable.

PPL Next Gen unlocks the power of your data. Its intelligent technology frees market businesses to explore new ways of trading.

With PPL Next Gen, we’re laying the digital foundations for the London insurance market’s future.

Are you ready for the next generation?


If you would like to see the PPL Next Gen platform, you can join one of our demonstrations organised in collaboration with the market associations: LIIBA, LMA and IUA.

If you would like a demonstration set up, please contact 



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