Amit Arora

Chief Commercial Officer

Amit began supporting PPL back in 2014, whilst he was working as Aon’s EMEA Head of Sourcing. He is now PPL’s Head of Finance & Commercial where he has responsibility for PPL’s finance function as well as all legal, commercial and regulatory matters. Over the years, Amit has worked with market firms to ensure third party contracts for market services remain compliant with changes in the regulatory and legislative landscape. 

Amit has held market roles for a number of years – he started in 2015 as Head of Sourcing for the LM TOM programme and then went on to become Head of Sourcing for LIMOSS in 2018 before formally joining PPL early in 2020. Prior to adopting market roles, Amit held sourcing roles for a number of firms across a number of different industries. These include Deloitte, Sainsbury’s, HSBC, Citigroup and Aon.

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