1. Outstanding MUAs
  2. Off-line Carriers
  3. Access to the LMS will change from Monday
  4. New Broker feature in the LMS
  5. PPL Support


1.  Signing the Next Gen MUA

To gain access to Next Gen from Monday, the MUA must be signed.

The Next Gen MUAs were all sent out to the person registered as “contract notice” contact, within your firm. As a Carrier firm, if you deal with the Brokers going live on Monday, and you have not signed the MUA, you will not see risks being placed on the Next Gen platform.

Please contact us if you need any additional support from PPL to expedite signatures. If you have any questions, please contact


2.  Off-line Carriers

There are a number of carriers that have either not yet signed the MUA or a part of their broader organisation has not signed the MUA (for example, the company market organisation has but the syndicate has not signed).

Usually, we would not load such carriers onto the platform but because a number of brokers are using/planning to use the Archive Risks Upload functionality, we have had to load those carriers onto PPL Next Gen, to enable brokers to upload such risks.

To ensure your brokers are not able to physically send risks via Next Gen to those organisations (where part of /or the whole of that organisation has not signed the MUA), but still want to place risks with them, we have set them up as ‘off platform’ carriers.

What this means is that your brokers will not be able to send risks to them, but they will be able to treat them as ‘off platform’ carriers, by entering their lines and references as an administration process, to include them within a sign and close.

Once those organisations have signed their MUA, we will amend their status on PPL Next Gen to allow brokers to send risks to them. However, if their MUA status changes mid-flow, the Broker would need to repeat the process on Next Gen.

We will also put a message on the platform with a link to a web page that sets out those carriers that have signed the MUA.

If you have any questions on this process, please contact


3.  Access to the LMS will change from Monday

As previously communicated, once your access to Next Gen is activated, when you log-in, you will be able to access the LMS directly from within the Platform. Full details will be sent out on before 9am on Monday morning.

If your firm has not signed the necessary MUA, you will need to access the LMS from a new (separate) link. There will be no change to user log-in credentials, just the link will change.

Full details will be sent out before 9am on Monday morning.


4.  New feature in the LMS for Brokers…

When you launch the LMS, top left-hand side, you will see a new icon (highlighted below) called Broker Process Flow. This is a useful addition and will greatly help to understand the flow of Next Gen, from the Broker perspective. Once you’ve launched the flow diagram, you can click on the steps within it and automatically view the relevant videos.


5.  PPL support for both Platforms

Just a reminder that both PPL Platforms will run concurrently for a number of months. Both are completely different platforms, and disparate in both their functionality and support.

Ebix/V3 Platform – NO CHANGE to the current set-up however, support information for each platform is highlighted below:


PPL Next Gen Support                                     PPL (Ebix / V3) Platform Support

T: (+44) 0808 178 8081                                    T: (+44) 0207 264 0880

e:                           e:


If you have any questions, queries, or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Other updates

Market demonstrations of Next Gen

There will be no market-wide demos next week.

From w/c 9 April, Broker demos will be on a Tuesday and Underwriter demos will be on a Thursday, and every other week after that. If bookings increase in numbers, we can revert to weekly.

These sessions remain as your regular opportunities to see the platform. Drop-in, lunch ‘n’

learn sessions. All sessions are virtual and last for approx. 45 minutes.

For now, please continue to access the booking form from the links below…

Every other Tuesday/LIIBA:

Every Wednesday/LMA:

Every Thursday/IUA:

Your PPL Relationship Managers are always on-hand to support you so please do not hesitate to reach out to them directly.

For previous bulletins, please see below:





Link to the website:

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