Next Gen GO-LIVE

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Latest update on go-live

In the days leading up to the Next Gen platform being made available to the market on the 6 March, we are undertaking the final checks.

The quality standards of PPL Next Gen are very high and we are in a strong position to go live on Monday 6 March.  This allows the market to finalise their preparations and be ready to commence trading with confidence.

We continue to work with a small number of brokers and corresponding underwriters to place a number of risks during the first few weeks in order to exercise the platform end-to-end.

** IMPORTANT ** Market Readiness feedback form

Thank you to all the firms that have returned their feedback forms so far. We will be following up with any outstanding responses from Monday.

Your feedback is important to your trading partners in the market and as promised, the Carrier responses will be shared on the PPL website to give the market visibility.

Here’s the link:

Market User Agreement (MUA)

Thank you to all firms that have returned the MUA.  Please let us know asap if you have any questions that are preventing you from signing and being able to trade on Next Gen.


The LMS is getting busy!  PPL is also receiving great feedback from market practitioners that have used it…

  • 2249 Logins
  • 147 firms

Videos will continually be added over the next 10 days however, 15 Broker videos and 2 UW videos are available – all covering the core processes.

Any questions on training, please contact:

Broker cut-over plans

These are updated by COP every Wednesday:


Has your IT Dept configured your Single Sign-On (SSO) and checked your firewalls for Next Gen?

SSO is compulsory to use Next Gen. Here’s the guidance:

PPL has a 5-day SLA for SSO set-up and/or a technical discussion. The 5-day period starts from receipt of your completed SSO template.

PPL Market Forum

PPL Market Forum for all PPL Points of Contact on Monday @ 2.15pm

We will cover the top frequently asked questions of the week.

All invites have been sent out, if you haven’t received one, please let us know on

Weekly market demonstrations

Been running for 7 weeks, with fantastic attendance & engagement from the market!

These are regular opportunities for you and your colleagues to see the platform. Drop-in, lunch ‘n’ learn sessions. All virtual and last for approx. 45 minutes.

Every Tuesday/LIIBA:
Every Wednesday/LMA:
Every Thursday/IUA:


Your PPL Relationship Managers are always on-hand to support you in addition to the increased frequency of communications.


If you have any questions, want to be added to any distribution groups, or anything else – just ask us!

Please drop an email to:

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